Nina Hastie is ‘grateful’ to be alive after narrowly escaping the deadly Itaewon Halloween crowd crush

Nina Hastie. Picture: Instagram

Nina Hastie. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 12, 2022


South African actress and comedienne Nina Hastie says she's grateful to be alive after closely escaping what has been dubbed one of the “deadliest disasters” in South Korea since 2014.

Taking to her Instagram this week, Hastie detailed how she and other local stars got lost and missed their bus to Itaewon where people were killed and injured during the Halloween celebrations in the Itaewon neighbourhood of Seoul, on Saturday, October 29.

In her post, the “Sober Companion” explained that she was invited to join South Africa’s leading filmmaker Thabang Moleya and other local creatives at the screening of the locally brewed film “Happiness Ever After” at the Africa Film festival in South Korea.

“This is a difficult post to post. There’s a duality in my feelings here. These photographs were taken on the second night of our Seoul trip,” wrote Hastie next to a series of snaps from her recent trip.

“We were leaving the screening to go get something to eat in Itaewon. But then decided to stop just before and eat at another restaurant, and we would go up the road to the party central afterwards.

“We got lost, then we missed the Itaewon bus; there were so many little moments that delayed us.

“Then we finally got a taxi – and then all the ambulances started coming past us and there was a major traffic jam, and we started getting phone calls and SMS from the government with reports to stay away as there were fatalities,” shared the star.

“We had just missed it. 1km and 1 hour away. We were extremely blessed and protected. 🙏🏼 and for this, I’m extremely grateful. I’m glad these weren’t the last pictures this story could have had a different ending,” expressed Hastie.

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The star sent a message of condolences to all the families that lost their loved ones in the fatal incident.

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