TV personality Nomzamo Mbatha Picture: Twitter

TV personality Nomzamo Mbatha’s mother has broken her silence over allegations by a Mpumalanga woman that the actress is her daughter.

Threatening messages sent to the Isibaya actress have surfaced, leaving Mbatha’s mother, Manatuku, and the actress angry.

“We have been silent for three years now and we are not taking this lying down. We’re no longer taking the high road. I say it to my pupils every day, there are consequences for every action,” said Manatuku, who is a teacher.

It was reported in a tabloid newspaper three years ago that Elizabeth Mbatha of Mpumalanga claimed to be the TV star’s biological mother and wanted to be “reunited” with her.

The woman claims to have given birth to a daughter, also named Nomzamo, in 1987 but was separated from the father, Mkhashelwa Zinya, from Bizana in the Eastern Cape, who then took her daughter.

Nomzamo’s Durban family have refuted this and said the actress’s father was Skuta Nxumalo, who was also from KwaMashu and had never worked in Bizana.

He died 10 years ago.

The actress was born in July 1990.

Manatuku said this week she was angered by the wild allegations that they were tarnishing the 26-year-old’s image and were an embarrassment to her, as “the mother who conceived her, carried her for nine months and gave birth to her”.

“It was with shock and anger that my family first heard of this absurd and lunatic story back in 2014.

“It angered not only us as a family, but the community of KwaMashu C and F section, where my daughter, Nomzamo Nonzwakazi, was born and raised,” she said.

Manatuku said Elizabeth has never approached them as the family.

“They harass my daughter with threatening calls and messages. Nomzamo’s father passed away 10 years ago. She was extremely close to him. She was the apple of his eye. He’d be more than upset at this lie. This poor lady might seriously have lost a daughter, but it’s just not my daughter.

“She needs to engage the right people and refrain from harassing my daughter through the media. We owe no one an explanation because we know our truth,” said Manatuku.

She said the wild claims were hurting the Mbatha and Nxumalo families, the latter being the actress’s paternal family.

The family is considering legal action, she added.

Among the messages that have prompted an angry response from Nomzamo and her family, one reads: “We not here to make your family spit cheese out of their mouth. You are indeed creating a war for the children. Sooner or later you’ll be no more. We shall see”

Another message reads, in part: “This is a war no one else will ever fight but you.”

Manatuku believes Nomzamo is being harassed because of her fame.

“It upsets me. Thankfully I have a solid support structure that knows the truth, who Nomzamo’s father is, where and how she was born and raised.

“Personally I am not threatened, (but) my daughter is. It has rendered her fearful to answer an unknown number or calls at night,” said Manatuku.

She said her daughter was a sweet, quiet child from the moment she was born.

Elizabeth, the woman who claims Nomzamo as her own, has denied sending the threatening messages.

“If the Nomzamo from TV is not my daughter and doesn’t want to meet me, it’s fine,” she said.

The Sunday Independent