Nonhle Jali issues apology after Andile's baby mama drags her

Nonhle Jali. Picture: Instagram

Nonhle Jali. Picture: Instagram

Published Jan 9, 2020


Former "Diski Divas" star Nonhle Jali has backtracked on being the "Head Office" of her husband's bank cards after his baby mama dragged her. 

In case you missed it, Nonhle went live on her Instagram page where she decided to come for the women that were sliding into SA footballer Andile Jali's DMs. 

She went on to say that women with their peruvian weaves who want to eat up his money and her school fees money must know that she is the "Head Office". 

Furthermore, she stated that she is in charge of all his bank cards and that when she found him he was a skroplaap (a cloth you clean the floor with) then she was able to upgrade him to a normal washcloth. 

However, Andile's baby mother Dipuo Maloi wanted nothing of the unnecessary shade and dragged Nonhle on her IG stories and said: "Head Office Ya Masepa. waphapha now that he has returned home....Keep the card girl, he still has a child outside of your unstable marriage op and he will still continue to nyoba nyoba skoon out in the streets. 

"I wonder "Ghetto" ke kokae?! Monna wahao is useless anyway, not even fit to be called a father, his just a sperm donor....He could hardly buy his first born child Christmas clothes, not even call or buy his child a gift on his birthday')".


Following this, Nonhle issued an apology on her Instagram stories and said that she was only joking and that it was in poor taste.

— YT: Media Girl Chronicles (@mediagirl_za) January 8, 2020

However, tweeps still had a field day with how all the drama panned out and shared their thoughts.

%%%twitter">#nonhlejaliis very hurt and in this video she is also trying to hurt the person who hurt her. We all have different ways of dealing with our emotional hurts. Andile also humiliated Nonhle publicly, it may not have been her intentions to do so, but it happed. Let’s get over it

— PR. Sinazo Mtshengu (@NazJey)

%%%twitter">#nonhlejalithis is what happens when you keep forgiving a cheater.

You become a clown 🤡

All your moves are clown moves 🤡🤡🤡

No self respecting woman would purposely humiliate her husband and proudly talk about her being a head office 😂😂😂 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

— Judith M (@Ju_di_th_)


— K U L A N I (@kulanicool)

%%%twitter">#nonhlejaliwhen you met #AndileJali he was a professional player whose soccer kills & talent have earned him huge sums of money. To be his wife, chase side chicks and add on it a public humiliation like video you did simply means you care about his money not him..Thrash

— Her Excellency👑 🇿🇦 (@AneleMda)

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