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Saturday, May 21, 2022

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Nonku Williams spills the tea on ‘RHODurban’ reunion

Nonku Williams. Picture: Instagram

Nonku Williams. Picture: Instagram

Published May 6, 2022


Season two of “Real Housewives of Durban” brought the heat with drama served on a silver platter.

Ahead of the highly anticipated two-part reunion, the first of which debuted on Showmax today, IOL Entertainment managed to catch up with Nonku Williams to find out more about what we should expect at the reunion and her future on the show.

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The trailer for part one of the reunion had me wanting to know who is “satan”, however, Nonku was tight lipped and urged me to tune in instead.

The Ashes to Beauty winery founder may have not spilled the tea on the reunion but she did confirm that the production team made sure there were no glasses and bottles around.

If you are a viewer, you know how a glass of water can become a dangerous object.

Nonku, throughout the season, had storylines that kept viewers glued to their screens. From her generalisation of men being cheaters, and her “drinking problem” to her being drawn into Queens’ (her mother) misunderstandings with the rest of the wives, fans were hooked.

The season was filled with high and low moments for Nonku. But she stood her ground, through.

She confirmed that Jochella was a low moment for her on the show, a moment that actually had her ready to quit the show.

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She added that she was always responsible when she drank when filming, to the point where she would even organise a driver for herself.

At Jochella, Nonku was not drinking but things went pear-shaped after Sorisha pulled her aside to talk about her drinking. The moment didn't sit well with Nonku and she certainly felt that Sorisha was influenced by the other ladies.

“Then I had no idea that the ladies were talking behind my back but when Sorisha confronted me, I just knew that they had ganged up and she was just the one to do the confrontation.

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“I was really upset, I was so upset I confronted them and showed them and I was hurt. I wasn't rude. I sat them down and told them there is something I need to get off my chest, I'm not okay with this and that.

“While I was talking they were busy laughing and that's when I stood up and I walked out. I cried, I was so ready to quit the show, that's how upset I was. I took off the mic and just threw it on the floor and said I'm done, I'm leaving,” Nonku shares.

Not all doom and gloom, though. She has had her share of highlights such as when she allowed herself to be vulnerable.

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In Sun City, Nonku opened up to Sorisha Naidoo, and the moment was a “surprise” for Nonku. The moment was certainly unexpected as the ladies go from talking about Sorisha’s big room to Nonku opening up.

“I don't know where those tears came from and also when we were sitting by the pool. I just find myself opening up, I think that was one of my highlights because I don't do that. Nonku Williams doesn't crash. So the fact that I could be so vulnerable in front of these ladies, knowing what they are capable of,” she shares.

Nonku adds that through opening up, she gained her power back and I have to agree. After all, when she did open up, the ladies were able to understand her better.

Londie London was even able to give her that much needed apology.

Nonku admits that when the ladies are in a group setting, they are able to influence each other and she prefers interacting with the ladies one on one, as that is when they get to understand each other better.

She makes an example of how her friendship with Jojo kicked off on a rocky note but now they get along very well and have become “friends” outside of the show.

They WhatsApp each other, meet up for lunch and are even planning to have a playdate.

Another housewife that Nonku has become friends with is Thobile Khumalo.

“I think the reason that Thobile was not seen a lot is because she was not a part of the gossip. I mean, hello, they were talking about Nonku this, Nonku that and she has nothing to say about Nonku.”

This season Nonku's mom rubbed Annie Mthembu and Londie London up the wrong way after they misheard her at Nonku’s “spring has sprung” soirée.

I had to ask Nonku how her mom is handling the spotlight, especially the social media attention.

“uMa (mom) loves attention, but she’s also sensitive,” Nonku says.

Filming a show such as RHOD is a full-time job and it comes with its own pressures. Only time will tell if the producers will come knocking on Nonku’s door again.

Will she say yes?

“I don't know at this stage,” she admits when answering the burning question that many of us want the answer to.

"I will know obviously if it comes back and they approach me.“

Nonku runs three businesses and she is working hard on getting her wine listed in top restaurants and she is also a mom, there is a lot to the sharp shooter.