Nonku Williams thanks Jojo for her ‘loyalty’ amid their friendship being side-eyed by fans

Nonku Williams and Jojo Robinson. Picture: Instagram

Nonku Williams and Jojo Robinson. Picture: Instagram

Published Feb 24, 2023


Nonku Williams’ friendship with fellow “The Real Housewives of Durban” castmate Jojo Robinson is growing on the reality show.

But it hasn’t been without drama. Nonku’s friendship with newcomer Slee, who was introduced as her neighbour, has created some friction. More so, after Jojo and Nonku’s recent intervention with Slee, which attracted a lot of backlash online.

While some viewers are wary of Jojo’s meddling ways, Nonku is appreciative of her friend and took to Instagram to show her love.

“Loyalty is about people who stay true to you behind your back. Thank you @mrs.jojo.robinson really value and appreciate you darling,” she wrote.

Her fans, however, don’t feel that Jojo really has her best interests at heart. One follower commented that Jojo likes to twist people’s words in her favour, which is what she did with Slee’s words.

Mop.s said: “Hai Nonku, not Jojo pls. Always twisting people’s words to make them look bad. Nithandi ‘drama ni yi two (you both love drama).

Another follower encouraged Nonku to watch “The Real Housewives of Durban” for her own benefit and see that Slee actually never said anything wrong.

Thembie_okahlabangane said: “Your intro says... beauty and the brains but is not make sure manje. Please get your act together sisi. Slee never said anything wrong to you. Please watch the episode 4 again for your own benefit...”

Another follower pointed out that Nonku is the one who is not a loyal friend.

Tshidishete said: “But Nonku you’e the one who’s not loyal. How do you introduce a friend to your other friends like that?

“And expect Jojo to like her after you told everyone what Slee said about her? Nguwe ingaki sisi (you are the problem). You did the same to Mabusi.”

Maybe when the reunion comes, Nonku and Slee will resolve their friendship issues. With any home, there might be something left to salvage.