Pearl Thusi and Lasizwe. Picture: Instagram

What started off as an innocent tweet about Beyoncé using "iWalk Ye Para" by YouTuber Lasizwe turned in a full-on twar between him and Pearl Thusi.

On Tuesday, the South African BeyHive rejoiced as Beyoncé finally posted about her SA trip with the biggest surprise being the "NICE" singer using "iWalk Ye Para" in the compilation video in her final post. 

The squabble, while amusing, touched on the complex issue of how often American, and external recognition is sometimes what causes South Africans to take note of our own talents, instead of having it recognised and appreciated locally first.   

Lasizwe first tweeted: "All of a sudden Naye Le Walk sounds so Good after Beyoncé posted it!"

The former "Quantico" star then quote tweeted him saying: "When did it not sound good?"

The YouTuber came back with a spicy response throwing shade at Thusi. "Beyoncé reminded me just like America’s Quantico reminded me about you."

However, Thusi went in and tried to hit him back with a comeback insinuating that the song only matters to Lasizwe now that it's gotten American validation.

Even though she also tweeted, "@MoonSanelly just won December 2018. I couldn’t cope when I saw Queen Bey’s post. So happy for you babe!!!!"

Lasizwe then hooned in on the hypocritical nature of her statement and said that Thusi recently went on auditions in America. 

Thusi responded saying, "Now it’s a joke... ok Sizwe. I forgot you’re still a child. It’s my fault that I expected you to think differently. And to understand how my work life operates would be too much to expect of you. Yours just began. I thought you were smarter. And that’s where I went wrong."

The YouTube star pointed out that both of them have shows on MTV. 

And Thusi clapped back saying that their paycheques don't look the same.

Lasizwe replied with, "OK’SALAYO you’re 30 something arguing with a 20-year-old - Love you Aunt Pearl".

This was the end of the two interacting but that didn't stop them from subtweeting each other in the aftermath.