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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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Pearl Thusi defends herself after being dubbed ‘helicopter mom’ by Nota Baloyi

Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram

Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram

Published Jul 18, 2022


Actress, presenter and businesswoman Pearl Thusi is breathing fire after notorious pot stirrer Nota Baloyi came for her parenting skills.

Baloyi is no stranger to controversy, it seems that with every podcast he features on manages to ruffle feathers.

This time during an episode of YouTube podcast, “Everything SA Music TV”, where he has become a regular contributor, Nota shared some thoughts about the "Queen of Sono" actress' parenting style.

"Pearl Thusi, what values is she espousing to her kid? She's got a kid right now, the kid had to be raised by the father the entire time. She was like a helicopter mom, you understand, deadbeat, helicopter mom that's there to take pictures with the kid," said Nota.

Not surprisingly, Thusi has taken offence to Nota's comments.

While some Twitter users encouraged Thusi to let the matter go, she defended herself fiercely because, when it comes to her kids, ‘backing down is never an option’.

Thusi explained that she tolerated a lot of backlash from social media users but once her kids were dragged in, the gloves come off.

"Talk about how you hate my tweets, my house, my looks my clothes and even my work… I don’t care - enjoy your opinion. As soon as you involve my kids - you’re starting a war," she tweeted.

Thusi said the "untrue" allegations of her being a "deadbeat mom and helicopter parent" were "hurtful and triggering".

In her lengthy thread, Thusi went on about the sacrifices she has had to make for her children.

"My life, my career choices and even coming back to South Africa - was centred around my children.

I realigned my vision and goals to make sure I could be here for them and provide for them and the idea that someone can wake up and decide to say whatever suites their narrative," she tweeted.