Thando Mokoena and Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram

Local actress Pearl Thusi came under fire on Sunday after she started talking about blue ticking people on WhatsApp and revealed that she does it with her daughter too.

Taking to Twitter, the former "Quantico" star vented about "needy people" expecting a response for "reassurance". Adding that even her daughter expects less because she knows she's loved.

"Harassing people who blue tick u creates an impression of serious self-entitlement & insecurity. Not everyone takes ur texts as seriously as u do," Thusi wrote. "I blue tick my kid. She doesn’t harass me because she knows for a fact that I love her," she said in another post.

Tweeps then chimed into the conversation and shared their opinions on blue ticking.

However, it was comments regarding Thusi's parenting that had her in clap back mode saying that "virgins are giving me advice on how to raise my child" and "parents know not to give unsolicited advice to other parents."