If you see or find Pearl Thusi's phone, can you tell her where it is. Picture: Instagram

Barely two weeks following her return from a Twitter break, Pearl Thusi has managed to ruffle feathers over her missing phone post. 

Taking to her Twitter account on Monday, she told her 2.11 million followers she had lost her new phone, urging them to help her find it under #PearlsAmberSunrise. She also offered a reward.

She wrote “I really miss my Amber Sunrise P30 Pro (even though I only had it for 24 hours. Together with Huawei I have  decided to put together an amazing REWARD for whoever helps me find my Smartphone. Help find #PearlsAmberSunrise 🙏🏽😭🙏🏽😭.”

However, many did not take kindly to the post – many questioned the timing for the search of her phone, while others were angry, labelling her insensitive and attention seeking.

The emotions of many South Africans were stirred on Monday following the riots in Joburg and Pretoria, the death of UCT student Uyinene Mrwetyana and stories of femicide that birthed the Am I Next? hashtag. 

 so insensitive 😩🚮

We facing a national crisis wena ngapha you worried nge phone, no sympathy, condolences whatsoever. Ay o Pearl impela inqondo ayikho yayiqinisile leya ndoda pic.twitter.com/FnDdYL1K7M

Amid the heavy criticism, Thusi's fans jumped to her defense, urging folks to stop bullying their fave.

Thusi had deleted her posts on Twitter following a heated twar with actress Bonnie Mbuli about colourism, where she had to defend herself from critics who believed she only got work because of her skin colour. That led to her logging off from Twitter.