Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram
Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram

Pearl Thusi says she's not a 'transphobe sympathiser'

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Feb 1, 2021

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Outspoken media Pearl Thusi has set the record straight on her stance on transphobia.

Pearl, who often reaches the top of the trends list on Twitter for her spicy tweets that often don’t sit well with social media users, was the topic of another trend recently.

It all started when the “Queen Sono” star liked tweets that defended podcaster MacG’s transphobic comments.

In a segment on his “Podcast and Chill” episode, MacG and his co-hosts, Sol Phenduka and the Ghost Lady, discuss Siv Ngesi’s recent debut of his drag persona, Sivanna.

While MacG and his team were dragged, many defended him. Pearl went on to like tweets by users who said “there was nothing wrong with what MacG said”.

Tweeps were not having Pearl hit the like button and soon she was dragged too.

This week, the star went on a rant when labelled a “transphobic sympathiser”, after discussions about the LGBTQI+ community continued.

Pearl said the criticism comes from a place of hate, urging the public to stop attacking her at any given chance.

“Transphobe sympathiser ... me?!? Anyone who think that shot about me is a joke. Rather just say you hate me and leave it there - stop trying to label me so you can justify. I’m not going to argue. But seriously.”


She also called out “Black Twitter” for silencing those who support her.

She went on further, saying that the problem of hate being spewed online starts with the users themselves.

“This platform thrives on pulling people that others look up to so they can feel better about themselves and the things life has thrown their way. So they distract themselves by dragging people who are making something of themselves for sport so they don’t feel left behind,” wrote Pearl.

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