Actress and TV personality Pearl Thusi. Picture: Supplied.

The 'Quantico' actress and the 'Destiny' rapper battled each other, using their words on Twitter, over the subject of horses.

The Twitter feud began when Pearl Thusi had uploded pictures of herself on Twitter, riding a horse, with the caption: "Meet ebony...a beautiful horse I was shooting with that freaked out, so I fell off him & suffered minor injuries. In spirit on Woman Power... I got right back on to get the job done & because giving up is not in my nature. It was worth it. Black Girl Magic Baby (sic)".

When her Twitter fans checked to see if the actress was well, Nyovest saw the funny side of her tweet, and asked her why she, as a black woman, would be riding a horse in the first place. 

Thusi was having none of it and immediately responded to Nyovest's tweets, calling him narrow-minded for not knowing that black people rode horses for centuries, knocking him off his Twitter pedestal. 

Cassper responded to Thusi, but Pearl shut the rapper down by adding that "you can't even ride a donkey".

Fans of Pearl Thusi either came to her aide or joined Cassper Nyovest in laughing over the incident.