Boity Thulo. Picture: Instagram.
Actress, TV host and entrepreneur, Boity Thulo is everything goals. Thulo has been working all year and now that it's summer, she's reaping. 

Ever since the season started, she's been serving the "ska ba hamisa" (let them suffocate) soup - showing off her curvy summer body. Living it up at Mauritius, she seems to be enjoying the bikini season in the Island. 

Also, this year has seemingly been an interesting one for Thulo as she launched her toning support supplement, Boity Thulo Tonning Support . With the body she has, we can see that the supplement is clearly working. 

She also released another collection with Sissy Boy after she collaborated with the brand last year. As a person who seems to like jumpsuits, part of this collection is colourful jumpsuits and some stylish maxi dresses suitable for red carpet events. 

Thulo is also a qualified sangoma who completed the initiation in March this year.