Pinky Girl. Picture: Instagram

"Being Bonang" star Pinky Girl, real name Tebogo Mekgwe, had to resign from her IT job after gaining newfound fame from her cousin's reality TV show. 

Since making her debut in the first season of "Being Bonang", Pinky Girl has become a favourite among viewers and is busy working on making her way in the local entertainment scene. 

Fans of the show were shocked when Pinky Girl revealed she worked in IT and in a recent interview with Move Magazine, she said that she had quit her job after seven years due to the reality TV show. 

 "I quit when my colleagues realised I was related to Bonang. Some started acting awkward. Especially, my female colleagues gave me a hard time."

The aspiring DJ also went on to say that her former colleagues used to refer to her as Bonang's handbag since she would accompany her to events. 

On season three of the reality TV show, Pinky Girl voiced her aspiration to become a DJ, even going to Pretoria to take lessons from DJ Miggs FoReal. 

In the segment on "Being Bonang", Pinky Girl is taught how to beat match two songs making for an effortless transition from one song to the next along with dropping out the base of a song. 

Watch the "Being Bonang" segment below: 

The reality TV show star also tried her hand at presenting when she visited the V Entertainment set, however, that was not very successful with many viewers mocking her for her presenting skills.