MacG. Picture: Instagram
MacG. Picture: Instagram

'Podcast & Chill' team break silence following backlash over transphobic comments

By Jamal Grootboom Time of article published Jan 29, 2021

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Following a backlash over transphobic comments made on “Podcast & Chill”, MacG and his team released a statement and video to clear the air.

In the statement posted on their Twitter page, the local podcast team acknowledge that their comments were “homophobic, transphobic, and very distasteful”.

They go on to apologise to the LGBTQI+ community, their viewers, business partners and clients.

They also state that the podcast is meant to be light-hearted, but it did not justify what was said and they “unreservedly” apologise to the LGBTQI+ community.

“The LGBTQI+ community faces enormous challenges and violence in our societies. The hate, unfair treatment, and judgment are but a few issues that the LGBTQI+ community faces.

“As people of influence, we oath to be very careful on how we use the influence we have not to promote any kind of mistreatment and derogatory statements or slur to anyone regardless of their sexual orientation.

“We do take complete responsibility and accountability for being insensitive, ignorant, and offensive (sic),“ the statement reads.

In addition to this, they say they have removed the segment from the episode that contained the transphobic remarks.

MacG and Sol Phenduka also invited prominent local queer figure Yaya Mavundla, who is a transwoman, on the show.

During the episode, which was shared along with the statement, MacG and Sol ask Mavundla various questions with regards to the backlash of the episode.

Mavundla goes on to give a breakdown as to the problematic nature of what was said along with holding them accountable for the comments that were made.

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