Zodwa Wabantu. Picture: Instagram

Afrotainment founder DJ Tira had the Twitterverse in stitches after he posted a video of Zodwa Wabantu dancing with underwear per his request. 

Since Zodwa quashed death hoax rumours following her return from America, the globetrotting dancer will keep giving fans what they want —  but this time with underwear.

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DJ Tira took to Twitter to tell fans that he got the usually pantyless dancer to wear underwear, quipping that there is "hope" after all.

I requested she wears an underwear. There is hope 😂 #Hlanyo pic.twitter.com/Q4s2K96qnx

Tweeples had a field day in DJ Tira's mentions with some being for Zodwa dancing with underwear and others wanting the old Zodwa instead. 

Congratulations😂 That is an achievement😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/IWpjNkIkXI

Whoaa!! We want the usual Zodwa .not this one with underwears. 😢 pic.twitter.com/wc7r3mGr0F

And she still looks sexy as hell pic.twitter.com/3q4igu1FR4

I prefer her original in her birth suit that's why she's unique malume I don't like remixes....😎

Yes malume she is More sexie than before she should keep it that way.

Next time request that she be Naked pic.twitter.com/2Kydb1RyFM

Let's hope Zodwa remembers to pack in her panty when she heads down under later this week.