Prince Kaybee and Black Coffee. Picture: Instagram
Prince Kaybee and Black Coffee. Picture: Instagram

Prince Kaybee and Black Coffee's twar continues

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published May 29, 2020

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In the famous words of the late Whitney Houston, it was a case of the "same script different cast" when Prince Kaybee and Black Coffee had an exchange of words on Twitter. 

This week after what seemed like a swipe at all of Mzansi's celebs, Prince Kaybee and Black Coffee got into an exchange of words that saw feelings hurt and saw them both make the trends list. 

It all started when the "Banomoya" hitmaker said: "The problem is that celebrities fall for the same trap all the time, 'the urge to sound wise'. You watch a few youtube videos you (sic) wanna sound intelligent. Carry on, you will meet your maker. (sic)" 

Black Coffee responded saying "Here’s a question without the “urge of sounding intelligent “.....are you a celebrity?"

Answering the question, Kaybee said that he saw himself as a servant of the people. 

"Hosh Coffee...I see myself more as a servant of the people, if people wish to call me a celebrity or celebrate me it’s a blessing. I’m an artist and creator first, I don’t care much about the definitions of the industry because I know who and what I am", he tweeted. 

The "Drive" hitmaker then responded with a simple "okay" but did go on to tweet "house n*gger" which saw Euphonik commenting on the tweet saying "A consistent one. A modern day yebo bass". 

Black Coffee deleted that tweet but not before Prince Kaybee saw it and felt that it was a dig at him. Many agreed with him.

He said that although the tweet hurt him, he found that Black Coffee deleting it was "cowardly".  

"This actually hurt me I don’t wanna lie, deleting the tweet was substandard and cowardly. But like I said Be careful of your black heroes, some are NOT interested in your growth AT ALL. They call black people names for white acceptance. Hosh"

The twar went on, see below: 

Black Coffee responded saying he never disliked Prince Kaybee.

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