Prince Kaybee. Picture: Instagram
Prince Kaybee. Picture: Instagram

Prince Kaybee commending an employee for not taking sick leave in 25 years gets backlash

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Oct 22, 2020

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Local music producer Prince Kaybee rubbed people the wrong way after he thought it was admirable for someone to not take sick leave in 25 years.

Taking to Twitter on Wendesday, the “Fetch Your Life” hitmaker shared a story of an employee at the a company he’s trading with who didn’t take sick leave for 25 years.

Referring to it as “integrity and dignity”.

However, tweeps very much disagreed with him praising someone for not taking sick leave in 25 years.

“There is integrity and discipline and there is burning yourself out.

“I refused to take leave this year and worked throughout the lockdown with anxiety and all but still worked.

“I am now on sick leave with chest pains that the doctor cannot explain until tests are ran. Rest rest,” commented @kgala_letso.

“Everyone else: I'm sick with the flu, the doctor said I should rest at home plus I don't want to infect others at work

“Kabelo: You lack integrity and discipline Pouting face, A**hole,” said @_s_k_1_4.

“This is referred to as poor working conditions, not integrity,” commented @Rahz_al_Ghul.

“What does a person not taking sick leave have to do with integrity and discipline? Are you implying that people who fall sick lack both?” said @Ke_Neo_M.

“Are you saying falling sick is a sign of indiscipline and lack of integrity, or that taking sick leave when you fall sick is a sign of indiscipline?” commented @tina_blackrose.

“I'd be worried.

1. about the quality of his job.

2. His ability to groom others

3. His sense of job security.

4. Also, ke eng ye kaaka kaaka ye a e disitseng ko mmerekong?“ said @MothomothoBatho.

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