Proverb declines nomination as the CEO of the Boyfriending academy following the demotion of Maps Maponyane's demotion from the fictional organisation. Picture: Supplied

While the country was left shook when rumours of Nomzamo and Maps' s breakup surfaced, Black Twitter appointed ProVerb as the leader of the NAHAB (National Association of Husbands and Boyfriends) squad. 

A nomination he declined with hilarious responses.

Remember how shook everyone was a few ago after our favourite buddies Maps Maponyane and Nomzamo Mbatha broke up? 


And then it turned out that they in actual fact hadn't quite broken up.

During all of the speculation, Black Twitter particularly the not-so-real association called the National Association of Husbands and Boyfriends or (NAHAB) as well as it's affiliate the Boyfriending Academy of South Africa, decided to nominate ProVerb, as the new CEO of this organisation, for the stellar work he has done in his relationship with Liesl Laurie.

The pair looks good together, and while we're sure they have their own relationship dynamics, we've also felt a few times that they qualify to be called #relationshipgoals.

It's photos like this that have made Black Twitter nominate the Verb of #VerbaLee (what seems to be the pair's tagline) but, ProVerb does not agree. The responses to this resignation? #Priceless ProVerb also made it clear that he wasn't asking for permission.

With this now all said and done, it seems the position remains empty. Which celeb couple do you think should take over the baton? Tweet us @IOL_Lifestyle with your suggestions.