Rachel and Siya Kolisi. Picture: Instagram
Rachel and Siya Kolisi. Picture: Instagram

Rachel Kolisi's cup emoji sets Twitter in overdrive

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Sep 19, 2018

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Springbok Captian Siya Kolisi's wife, Rachel, once again became a hot topic on the Twitterverse following the discovery of her cup emoji comment on a picture of her husband with a model.

Rachel is no stranger to drama on Twitter streets. She previously slammed a user thirsting for her husband after calling him a 'type'. Rachel responded with: "He’s not 'a type'. He’s a married man responsible for 4 children...Just a side note. I’ve been there for all the good times. But I’ve also been there for ALL the bad times. Honestly, this should go without saying. Respect my relationship and woman to woman. Respect me".

This time around it was a cup emoji that set tongues wagging with tweeps both defending and criticising her reaction. 

The photo and Instagram Stories in question were posted by influencer Zuki Lamani, who posted a picture of her and Siya laughing at a photoshoot.

Siya Kolisi and Zuki Lamani. Picture: Instagram

She also shared some snaps on her Instagram Stories with captions referring to Siya as "ubaby" and "The Kolisi Glow". 

The images were posted last month, but only started trending on Tuesday after the Twitter CIA caught wind of it. Tweeps then weighed in, with many having mixed feelings about Rachel's emoji comment. Some claimed that the cup emoji was low-key shade at how Zuki was "thirsting" over Siya.

Here are some of the Rachel's defenders comments: 

Here are those that feel that Rachel is in the wrong:

It is unclear if Rachel is aware of the latest blowout since she deleted her Twitter account after the "type" backlash earlier this year.

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