Rami Chuene exposes 'Broadacres madam' for robbing and financially abusing her helper

Rami Chuene. Picture: Instagram

Rami Chuene. Picture: Instagram

Published Dec 1, 2021


Local actress Rami Chuene recently took to Twitter to expose the ill-treatment a domestic worker known to her was subjected to by her former employer.

The treatment of domestic workers is a sensitive topic on the Twitter streets, with a strong call for better treatment of the individuals who ease the load in homes.

Rami shared on Twitter a story about how a black madam was robbing and financially abusing her helper.

In a lengthy thread accompanied by screenshots, the Giyani' actress exposed the ugly reality the domestic worker had been subjected to.

She had first-hand information about the case of mistreatment, as it is a story close to home, her own helper's sister.

The actress explained that they were all excited that the sister had gotten a job in Broadacres, which is not too far from her sister.

Things, however, took a twisted turn and ended on a sour note.

“The helper here is sisters with our helper, meaning I’m getting this info first hand. We were very excited that she got a job not that far from her sister, little did we know, she was going to be working for a ‘Holy Spirit’ filled scammer,” shared Rami.

“The ‘Holy Spirit’ filled scammer” in her household has rules that ended up costing the low-paying domestic worker.

Imagine being paid R3000 and your employer still makes deductions from your already barely there salary.

Maybe if it was a UIF contribution deduction, maybe then one would understand, but deductions for toiletries used in the household that you were told to use, despite bringing your own, seem far-fetched.

During the month the domestic worker was at the house, it was agreed that she would eat at home. On certain occasions, the domestic worker would be given a packet of sweets or a muffin and, one time, a cake from her madam.

These items were bought by the husband and given to the domestic worker by the wife.

“It was agreed that helper could eat at home. On some occasions, hubby, who is in construction, would bring muffins home and helper would be offered. Then a packet of sweets here and there would also be given to helper. One time he brought cake for madam & she gave it to helper,” said Rami.

Come month end, this is where things switched up.

The madam gave the helper a statement with deductions that left her with nothing.

Aside from the deductions of toiletries, and sweets and muffins, there were also deductions for things the helper didn't do.

“Transport Money I borrowed you last time you went on weekend off. 10% of your R3000 salary for not bathing Khumo on daily basis,” read the statement.

Money was deducted also because the madam had to hire a temporary worker to do outstanding work and wash dirty laundry.

The madam even deducted money to pay for a pastor to cleanse the house after the domestic worker’s departure.

The situation left Rami’s followers flabbergasted that such a situation was a reality, and the comment section was jam-packed.

Not only did the comments reflect how the public felt, which were feelings of shock at the abusive behaviour, but also calls to help the domestic worker.

South Africans are known for their giving nature, especially for a good cause, and this time proved no different.

DJ Lamiez Holworthy was left very touched by the story and decided to give her a month's salary.

The DJ was not the only one; several donations were received, turning the unfortunate situation into a blessing.

"Thank you guys! We see the money on both numbers coming in.

"Your kindness is humbling and overwhelming. You guys have turned this unfortunate incident into a major blessing," said Rami.