Actress Rami Chuene. Picture: Instagram
Actress Rami Chuene. Picture: Instagram

Rami Chuene reveals pains of local actors following Vatiswa's open letter

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Oct 8, 2019

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Following her revealing open letter to Minister of Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa surrounding alleged unfair treatment of actors by production companies, award-winning actress Vatiswa Ndara has received overwhelming support from her peers.

So much so that actress Rami Chuene pinned a thread on Twitter that revealed some of the things performers endure. 

In her thread Chuene, who stars on "The Queen", listed issues from leave, to being sick tonot being able to attend funerals, even those of family members. 

She wrote: "Funerals? The only funeral you’re allowed or guaranteed to miss work for, is your own."

She added that you’re not allowed to get sick. If you go to a doctor and he books you off, production has a right to ask their own doctor for a second opinion, she said.

She added the hashtag #Showmustgoon to the thread which started trending. 

Chuene said that asking for leave would see your character written off the show. "How do you ask for a week off? Yes, you asked three months in advance but the storyline is yours. If you insist, we’ll have to cut your salary and write you out for 3 months. Your choice," she wrote. 

See the full thread below: 

Remember how we all marveled at Katy Perry’s strength to perform moments after her then hubby asked for divorce. Well, let’s go through some of the things entertainers do to make sure that #SHOWMUSTGOON

— Rami Chuene🌈🏳️‍🌈 (@ramichuene) September 20, 2019

Ndara replied to Chuene's tweets saying, "So well put Rams sad truth is that it will all fall on deaf ears."

So well put Rams sad truth is that it will all fall on deaf ears. I've never in my life seen an industry that fully functions on celebrating the downfall of the people that contribute to its existence. @NathiMthethwaSA and all other stakeholders IT IS TIME FOR CORRECTIVE ACTION

— Vatiswa Ndara (@theVati_Can) September 23, 2019

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