Rami Chuene.
Picture: Instagram
Rami Chuene. Picture: Instagram

Rami Chuene says parents should put kids first during 21-day lockdown

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published Mar 26, 2020

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In a very frank statement on Twitter, Rami Chuene said she will not put a co-parent's rights over her kids during this time of the national lockdown. 

And that the most important thing right now is the health and safety of the kids.

She wrote: "I’m a co-parent and there was no debate about a week here, a week there. Most important thing is the health &safety of the kids. Primary parent must do the lockdown. Let’s go past 21days then we’ll see. It’s no more business as usual bathong! Your rights over my kids health? NO". 

The tweet caused a debate on the social media platform with parents asking Chuene all kinds of questions pertaining to kids visitations during this trying time of Covid-19 and the national lockdown. 

@ThetoThakane asked, "What happens when there is no primary parent but shared custody split in weekly intervals? I don’t think it’s this simple Ousi Rami", to which Chuene's replied, "You guys must decide who will do the lockdown. 

"These are not the times of your week, my week. Life has changed, we’re dealing with a different normal. Adjust. Your kids are not idiots, sit them down and explain the dangers out there."

@markthementorSA said: "Each situation is different. Bear in mind many children are already alienated/ gatekept intentionally by one parent over the other. Before making blanket judgments, be open to responsible and safe co-parents making an informed choice."

Other Twitter users jumped on the bandwagon agreeing with Chuene's thoughts and advice. 

@Mphorosey said: "Amen.. am a co-parent, my baby daddy dropped supplies outside the door and left cz, he ddnt want us to be exposed to outside contact since we've been in the house since the 19th and he works in the health sector. He understands that life as we know it has changed".

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