Nichume Siwundla. Picture: Instagram

Last week, the South African music industry was rocked by the news of the death of one its rising stars, Nichume Siwundla.

Tributes flooded social media as fans, politicians and industry peers expressed their shock and shared stories of admiration. The celebration of Nichume life continues this week in Johannesburg, at a memorial service that will be open to the public.

The late 27-year-old singer's record label, Top Chap Media, on Monday invited the public to "join us in celebrating the life of Nichume Siwundla". Sharing an image of the "Bhutiza" singer along with the details of the event, they wrote: "Let's celebrate her life on earth and send off her spirit in prayer."

Nichume's memorial service will take place at Assemblies of God, 1 Coombe Place in Sandton on Wednesday at 5.30pm.

Nichume, who reached the height of her fame when she lent her voice to Mobi Dixon's hit "Bhutiza," was found at a friend’s place on Thursday night, following an apparent suicide.

Nichume started making waves after she lent her voice to Mobi Dixon's hit 2017 "Bhutiza." Shortly before her death, the duo released a single together titled "Thobela,"  which has been making appearances in the top 100 weekly radio charts.