TESTED: Hip hop artist Ntokozo Mdluli from the group Teargas posted a picture on Instagram with his HIV test results to stop speculation about his status. Picture: Instagram

After speculation about his HIV status, musician Ntokozo Mdluli – commonly known as “KO” – from the hip-hop group Teargas posted his HIV test results on Instagram.

This comes after a picture of the artist surfaced on social media insinuating that his recent weight loss was caused by an Aids-related illness. Local celebrities who were also stigmatised for their weight loss include Sbusiso Leope, known as DJ Sbu, and choreographer Somizi Mhlongo.

Mdluli’s manager, Thabiso Khati, released a press statement attributing Mdluli’s weight loss to his new healthy lifestyle. “Now those that follow KO on social media would know that KO has been working out and even taken cycling as part of his exercise regimen. And he is a clean eater, and thus the weight loss,” said Khati. He also didn’t drink or smoke.

To keep the rumours at bay, Mdluli posted a picture on Instagram with the results of his rapid HIV test, which revealed he is HIV-negative. He posted a note with his results.

“So I forgive you all for stirring up false info and inaccurate speculations about my health. LOL and calling me names,” said Mdluli.