Samora Mangesi. Picture: Twitter

SABC TV and radio presenter Samora Mangesi took to social media to share series of snaps of himself in hospital after he was allegedly a victim of a racially motivated attack last week.

In his Twitter post, Mangesi claims that he and his friends stopped to assist a group on young whites whose car had overturned, and alleges that their Good Samaritan deed ended with him unconscious.

He wrote on Wednesday afternoon: "On Friday night I was the victim of a racially motivated attack. After stopping to check on a group of young white people whose car had overturned, they called my friends & I Monkeys. When we engaged them on why we were being called such, they beat me up until I was unconscious (sic)."

In the comment thread of his post, Mangesi shared a series of videos from the alleged incident, adding that one of the perpetrators tried to run his friend over while he was receiving on the scene medical care.

"I had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Even whilst I was being put in the ambulance, one of these guys tried to run my friend over with his bakkie and the paramedics had to intervene," he wrote.

Mangesi, who is doing better after sustaining "injuries on my face, cuts inside my mouth and bruising along the left side of my body from when they kicked me", explained that he considered letting it go but decided to "speak out" because it's allegedly "not first time that this has happened to a black man in the West Rand.

According to his Twitter post, Mangesi has since opened a case against his alleged attackers, using his photos and videos as evidence.