Sarah Langa. Picture: Instagram
Sarah Langa. Picture: Instagram

Sarah Langa’s comment about 'pretty girl privilege' ruffles feathers

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Jun 7, 2021

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Social media influencer Sarah Langa reached the top of the trends list this past weekend after a video of her went viral.

Sarah was dragged by social media users following a clip from “Festive Get-together in The Life Artois” in which she talks about “pretty girl privilege”.

In the video, Sarah is speaking to media personality Unathi Nkayi.

“There’s pretty girl privilege and let’s not shy away from that.

“Your role is to uplift people that don’t feel pretty as a pretty person, because you are constantly praised.

“So it does come with a lot of hate but that’s a part of the responsibility, to understand where the hate comes from, and the hate it deeply rooted in the privilege.

“And the privilege is what people don’t want to acknowledge”, said Sarah.

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Following the video appearing on Twitter, many took issue with Sarah’s comments.

Some tweeps asked how it was her responsibility to uplift those who aren’t “pretty” and how would she define that.

See below:

While Sarah was dragged by many, there were also many tweeps who defended her, saying she was spot-on with her comments.

One user also pointed out that the clip posted on Twitter was from a much longer video and lacked context.

Uploaded on to YouTube in January this year, the full video is of Unathi interviewing Sarah and her friend and fellow luxury influencer Kefilwe Mabote about their career and friendship.

“Episode 2 takes us behind the scenes of the perfect social media world of friends Kefilwe Mabote and Sarah Langa.

“They have been the go-to girls for all things curated social media in South Africa for almost a decade.

“Unathi and Alessandro sit down with the two friends to chat about life, business, misconceptions, and legacy,” read the description on the full video

While Sarah did not respond to the criticism she received, she retweeted a tweet that explained what pretty privilege is.

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