Sbahle Mpisane. Picture: Instagram
Sbahle Mpisane. Picture: Instagram

Sbahle Mpisane: I know who was responsible for my car accident

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Nov 12, 2019

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Social media influencer and fitness fanatic Sbahle Mpisane says she's regaining her memory.

Mpisane was involved in a collision in August 2018, which left her fighting for her life in a coma for three weeks when her BMW burst into flames after it collided with a tree in Durban.

Taking Instagram on Sunday, the star shared on her Stories pictures and articles of her accident, also revealing that she also received her broken watch from the accident.

Furthermore, Mapisane stated that she managed to locate Brian Dube, the man who saved her life. 

She also shared with her 1.4 million IG followers that she knows who was behind her accident.

"I had amnesia from my head injury but my memories have been flashing back slowly since April...In the past three months, I've had slight memories of my accident. I've driven to my accident scene numerous times and questioned all the memories I had."

She continued: "I know who was responsible for my car accident. I've drawn myself back from reacting but time is ticking. I have never shared this with anyone and I won't answer back to anyone. But I know the person behind my accident and with the unceasing tick of time, we must both pray."

These Instagram Stories stirred some emotions on Twitter as some questiontioned Mpisane's mental health, while others assumed that she's trying to frame someone for her accident.

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