Shimza laughs off Nota’s provocation after he refuses to pay 200K damages

Shimza. Picture: Instagram

Shimza. Picture: Instagram

Published Aug 17, 2022


Following the Johannesburg High Court’s recent ruling that social media troll Nota Baloyi has to pay R200 000 to South African DJ Shimza for defamation, Nota has fired back and insisted he will not pay any damages.

The court ruling comes after Shimza sued Nota for falsely claiming that he had benefited from tenders from his corrupt connections within the government, thanks to an alleged romantic relationship with head of digital communications in the Presidency, Athi Geleba.

In an interview with podcaster Wealthy Myambo, Nota said: “Clearly they want this case to be dragged out for a long time, so they thought they were going to bring me in front of their judge and their judge was going to do them a quick favour.

“But they don’t know that they’re playing with the wrong guy.”

After Myambo explained that the ruling was final and he has to pay the 200k, Nota insisted he would not comply with the ruling.

“He’s not my dad, I’m not gonna do what the judge says. I’m going to find another judge that’s going to decide differently. I’m fighting corruption, I’m not paying Shimza.”

This dispute spilled over to Twitter this week as Nota commented on a post of Shimza performing at a show in Mykonos.

“He’s a small boy in Europe now where MasterKG is a king,” said Nota.

“His career was over when he decided to disrespect Amapiano & ride AfroTech to the grave. He should’ve followed my brother advise now he shares his girl friend with his blesser, Cyril Ramaphosa, what a loser!”

Shimza commented by laughing off the comment with a video of his own, before promoting his upcoming show in Durban.

“Hey guys! On the 10th of September I’m having a Shimza and Friends event at Kings Park in Durban, bring your friends, I’ll bring mine and let’s all be friends ♥️”