DJ Shimza. Picture: Instagram
DJ Shimza. Picture: Instagram

Shimza wants his audio mixer back

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published May 22, 2020

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All DJ Shimza wants is his audio mixer back. Not Theo's, not Mlindo's, but his original mixer. 

The three, Shimza, Theo and Mlindo, are currently fighting over an audio mixer and the Twitter streets are more than happy to step in and be the judge in this case. 

According to Shimza, he lent his mixer to Mlindo in 2019 but when he asked for it to be returned, he was given another mixer by Theo instead of his original which was taken by Mlindo. 

Shimza kept the secondary mixer but said he still wants his back, and won't return it until his original is with him. 

In a picture post on Twitter Shimza said that he was tired of keeping quiet and being taken advantage of. 

He also admitted to having the secondary mixer but has no intention of returning it until he gets his back. 

 The Twitter police have insisted that DJ Shimza is doing the wrong thing by keeping Theo's mixer and says he should take up his issue with Mlindo directly. 

Here is some of the tweets:


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