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Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Shona Ferguson opens up about how he was told he wouldn't make it as an actor

Shona Ferguson

Shona Ferguson. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 23, 2021


Say the name Shona Ferguson and more than likely, people know who you are talking about.

Over the years, Shona has made a name for himself, and lots of money too, as an actor and television producer.

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However, there was a time when he was told he would not make it in the entertainment industry.

The Ferguson Films boss took to social media this week to open up about some of the difficulties he faced in the early stages of his career.

The “Rockville” star said that he was told he did not have the right look or real talent.

“17 years ago a Hollywood producer asked me if I had a back up plan. I was obviously shattered because I had just done multiple takes of an audition.

“He continued to say… ’You don’t have what it takes’”… wrote in a Twitter thread.

“An agent told me it wasn’t going to be easy to get me jobs because I didn’t have the right ’look’.

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“A veteran actor, loved & respected by millions told me I am not memorable & so did lot of producers. Many actors criticized me & made bets I would never make it in this industry.”

He said that in 2010 he heard a conversation that hurt.

“In 2010, I eavesdropped on a couple of fellow actors saying I was overrated & didn’t have real talent. The insults got very personal.

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“Anyway. I don’t hold grudges the same way I don’t listen to anybody’s opinion, about my life”, he said.

The star also reflected on how his faith helped him through poverty.

“There was a time in my life I couldn’t afford toothpaste and I brushed my teeth with sunlight bar soap.

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“Had bogobe le cabbage for years because I couldn’t afford meat. We were so broke we couldn’t afford paraffin for the lamps.

“We didn’t have much but God was with us.

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