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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

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Siv Ngesi drags men in free sanitary pads debate

Siv Ngesi. Picture: Instagram

Siv Ngesi. Picture: Instagram

Published Feb 23, 2021


Actor Siv Ngesi did not mince his words when he took aim at men this week around the debate on sanitary pads.

This after the star took to Twitter to open a conversation about his view that sanitary pads should not be sold.

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Siv posted a picture of a pad and a tampon with a caption saying that if men menstruated, “sanitary products would be free”.

“If men bled once a month, sanitary products would be free #taxme,” he wrote.

Siv’s tweet started a debate on the topic and in a conversation with a Twitter user who believed the notion of free sanitary pads was simple and could not understand why the country was still getting it wrong, Siv said he believes it is because such decisions were made by men who “make the big calls”.

The “Knuckle City” star then went on to express how he was frustrated by the replies to his tweet in which men said pads should not be free because everyone would be taxed for it.

“I post ’sanitary pads MUST be free’ and I am disgusted how many men replied ’No! we will get taxed for it, nothing is free!’

“Are you BLOODY kidding me, we live in a selfish world! F*** it, if you had blood running down your leg, you would think otherwise u selfish self-centred b******”, he tweeted.

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He also went on to remind men where they came from. “When men type like they didn’t come out of a vagina! Like menstruation is just a women thing!

“Read the word, even ’men... ’ Is in it! #taxme #period #periodpoverty,” he tweeted.

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