Siv Ngesi. Picture: Supplied

Local comedian and TV presenter Siv Ngesi and his friends were held at gunpoint in Johannesburg CBD on Tuesday.

The outspoken local celebrity gave a glimpse into what happened on Twitter, stating that he was held at gunpoint and while his friends gave up their phones but he did not. 

Speaking to IOL Entertainment, Ngesi gave more details to the incident. 

Ngesi was in the front passenger seat with two of his friends in the back while someone was driving them in the Joburg CBD. He then jokingly said that as Capetonians they should be scared of the crime in the City of Gold.

Moments after he said this as they were at a traffic light he heard a metal object knock at the driver's window and a gunman then signalled to him to give up his phone. 

Ngesi then dropped his phone and pretended to look for it while his friends gave up their phones. 

The gunman then tried to grab the car keys with Ngesi thinking on his feet bluffed and said that the police were coming. His bluff worked and the gunman quickly ran away from them. 

After the incident, Ngesi also mentioned that people asked if he needed to speak to someone following this traumatic experience.

With him responding: "I'm from the township, I'm used to it."