A social media storm erupted following a comment made by Sibusiso Ngwenya (27), owner of the famous sock brand, Skinny Sbu Socks  during an interview on SABC.

Skinny Sbu Socks, a business Ngwenya started about 5 years ago which grew tremendously fast as almost everyone started wearing colourful socks is now on the verge of failing- and Ngwenya insists he needs 5 million rands to save the business from collapsing.

Ngwenya took it to Twitter to share his frustration about the business.  

During the interview with SABC, Ngwenya was unable to hide his anger, even when  Thulani Thabethe from 2Larnie Solutions tried to give him advice on his failing business.

"In business, you can’t get emotional, you need to get the emotions out.which  Ngwenya  immediately rudely interrupted stating ”I do not need a solution, I need money."

Thabethe continued...it’s important as a business leader to be teachable, the spirit of being teachable you have to carry it with you, you can’t know it all.

"I hope you know that anger is not going to work for you", commented the program host, C ollen Lemawane.

To which  Ngwenya replied, " I’m an angry man".

While some were shocked that Ngwenya is broke, others were baffled by his attitude.