Skolopad. Picture: Instagram

Local entertainer Skolopad has professed that one of her biggest fears is falling in love with a Ben 10.

Posting in a series of tweets, the controversial singer said that she doesn't want to fall in love a Ben 10 because it's like having a second child. 

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Furthermore, she went on to list the reasons for her statement saying that Ben 10s demand a lot of attention, they like a lot of money, they cause a lot of stress, they will have your head spinning and that they like big things. 

Twitter users were quick to point that these tweets might be Skolopad subtweeting her arch-rival Zodwa Wabantu who has been very open about dating a younger man. 

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Speaking the TshisaLIVE, Skolopad clarified that she was not throwing shade at Zodwa Wabantu, but was speaking from her personal experience. 

"Ben 10s are not for the faint-hearted. I only had a fling with one but it felt like I have another child. Why must I buy you this or that, only because of your good in a certain department? I was like, 'sorry nana, I already have a child''. So we didn't last and some of my friends also said younger boys are demanding."

Skolopad then went on to say that when she does settle down it will be with a "mature" man, and that she wants to be treated like a "queen" and a Ben 10 can't offer that. 

"When I eventually settle down, it will be with a mature person. Mature on all levels. I wanna be treated like the queen I am, I wanna be spoilt and a Ben 10 won't do that for me."