Skolopad. Picture: Instagram
Skolopad. Picture: Instagram

Skolopad: Exposure doesn't pay the bills, so shove it

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Jul 19, 2018

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Local singer Skolopad is not local taking exposure as a means of payment for making an appearance because she believes she is worth every cent she charges. 

This comes after she posted a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation she had with a promoter who tried to lower her fee for an appearance at an event.  

Skolopad said she politely denied the request and asked him to get someone else. 

The promoter then replied, saying that she is not "reasonable" and wanted to know why he should pay her R8 000 plus two hotel rooms and feed her and her entourage of three people. Adding that he will never book her because of her fee and that he is glad to remove her from the roster. Skolopad simply blue-ticked him giving no response. 

Speaking to TsishaLIVe, Skolopad made it clear that exposure doesn't pay her bills. 

"I have worked too damn hard on my own exposure to be paid peanuts! I don't deserve peanuts or to be told I'm not worth what I say I am worth. Exposure doesn't pay the bills, so shove it." 

Furthermore, she added that her entourage did not consist of groupies and that it was going to be her glam team which consists of a designer, make-up artist and photographer which is a necessity for her to presented correctly. 

"It p***ed me off that I had to keep explaining that I'm not bringing my friends to have a good time. These people are also hustling and I can't pay them with exposure. So when I set a price, it's not that I think highly of myself, I consider things like travelling, what it takes to look good, the people that make me look good and the publicity I bring to the event. I am worth every cent I charge." 

She also added that she will no longer be making an appearance unless she is paid, otherwise, it is not worth it for her. 

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