Skolopad. Picture: Instagram

Local singer Skolopad has let go of her gospel music dreams after she was told that she can't be "trusted" to keep her image clean. 

Known for her raunchy poses, dropping nudes on social media and suggestive captions, Skolopad was advised by trusted people in her life to stay away from gospel music. 

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Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Skolopad revealed that she spoke to her mother and a couple of other people about why people in the gospel industry wouldn't help her. 

"We were sitting after church the other day watching 1 Gospel and I started to explain how I want to see myself there. But my mother, and a couple of people, actually told me the reason no one will help me release the music is that no one can trust that I will clean up my image. She said she thinks I will go back to my sexy dances and nudes, and that won't sit well with most Christians."

The controversial artist believes she's got the pipes for gospel but is struggling to get people in the gospel music industry such as promoters and record labels to jump on board. 

Furthermore, she revealed that while people have told her that she sounds OK, they are only willing to give her a chance if she can finance her "will to change" and create a new image.


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"I don't have enough money to fund these projects so I've been trying to get various people to help me but they asking for a lot of money from me. I don't have it. Most of them just said, they can't invest their resources into my gospel music only for me to go back to my 'Skolopad ways'," she said.

It looks like for the time being gospel music isn't in the cards for Skolopad.