Skolopad. Picture: Instagram

Local singer Skolopad is at it again with the raunchy artist posting revealing outtakes from her Skin Miracle campaign per the request of one of her followers. 

While Skolopad left everyone shook with classy attire at the SAFTAs wearing a floor-length Millie B Boutique gown, the singer is back at it again. 

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She previously stated to TsishaLIVE that people shouldn't expect long classy dresses for long, and the singer wasted no time keeping her Twitter timeline on brand. 

The nude pictures this time around are outtakes from her Skin Miracle campaign shoot. 

She also stated that she plans on keeping everyone on their toes and just because she chooses to wear a "classy long dress" at a certain event it doesn't mean it's going to be like that "forever".

See the raunchy pics below: