Skolopad told fans she looks and sings like Beyoncé. Picture: Twitter and Instagram

Skolopad is known for her controversial social media posts, and her latest tweet has definitely left people shook.

The local entertainer has made a bold statement, claiming that she not only looks like pop icon Beyoncé, but she has a voice like her too.

Taking to Twitter to share yet another nude photo, Skolopad captioned the post: "They say i look like @BeyoncceKnowles (sic)

Now, we don't know who "they" are, but tweeps were baffled by the fact that she believed "them".

Then, to support her claim, Skolopad shared a video compilation of nude snaps and her singing to prove to fans that she does in fact sound like B.

We're guessing the nude snaps were meant to distract tweeps from the singing, but they were not sold. 

Here are some of their responses: