Slik Talk calls out Cassper Nyovest for changing terms ahead of their boxing match

Slik Talk. Picture: YouTuber Screenshot

Slik Talk. Picture: YouTuber Screenshot

Published Nov 25, 2021


Barely 48 hours after Cassper Nyovest and Slik Talk agreed on social media to a boxing match, preparations for the fight have gotten off to a rocky start.

Yesterday, Slik Talk took to his YouTube channel to announce that he's firing Nota just a few hours after he'd stated that the former RapLyf executive would be acting as his representative.

“I made a quick decision. Nota is out the f**king fight," he announced.

"I decided he's not going to be necessary for this fight. I think he's gonna make things about himself and that's what we don't need.

"We need the fight to happen. Communications will be done by me directly. Nota, I'm sorry you had to find out like this but you're fired.”

Cassper responded soon after on Twitter. "Hahaha. Comedy is making itself. I'm starting to love this guy. I can't believe I'm still gonna have to punch him in the face."

Slik Talk also put up a new video calling Cassper Nyovest and his team out for trying to change the terms of their agreement.

In the video, the YouTube troll claimed that the "Siyathandana" hitmaker's team was in over their heads.

"I realised mid-conversation that I was dealing with some bum ass drop-outs," he said, before proceeding to criticise their decision to negotiate via WhatsApp instead of email.

The fight came as a consequence of Slik Talk's constant trolling of Cassper on his YouTube channel, which boiled over last week when Slik Talk went on a scathing rant.

"He drops trash music, the merch is garbage, ’The Braai Show’ is garbage," he said. "And another thing he dropped, Billiato the whiskey, apparently people say it tastes like piss."