Somizi Mhlongo. Picture: Twitter

Well, it seems Somizi Mhlongo has joined his former BFF Queen B and her rapper boyfriend AKA are on vacation in Phuket or maybe not.

On Monday the flamboyant star took to Instagram to announce that he is going on a "well deserved holiday”.
“Me and my bag are ready for a well deserved break. Happy valentines”, he wrote.
Could it be that Somizi and his 'bag' decided to go to Phuket, since he's not revealing his holiday destination? 

His followers are starting to wonder where he is vacationing.
One follower wrote “Somsom I saw this background on AKA's pics yesterday tlhe. ithini indaba??!!” (sic)

Another also commented, "In case Som [email protected] start bragging about being in Mauritius....awuna chance usePolokwane qha."(sic)

Two more followers added, This looks like Mauritius or Thailand! @somizi, Phuket!(sic)

A photo posted by Somizi (@somizi) on

A photo posted by Somizi (@somizi) on