Ntando Duma

Rhythm City actress Ntando Duma posted pictures of her Umemulo (a Zulu coming of age ceremony) wearing traditional Zulu attire showing off her bare boobs.

One of Duma 's Instagram followers reported the image to the app's administrators which resulted in the image been removed immediately. It was classified under nudity and deemed not suitable for the platform.

The actress was saddened - and clearly annoyed - by this action, taking to Instagram to post a censored image with the caption: “This is not nudity, its culture! Ningazos'dina (Don't annoy me). Report it again, ngizokuLoya (and I will bewitch you),” said Duma.

A twitter user later wrote: “Whoever reported the picture of Ntando Duma and her sister is plain stupid. Mxm. “(sic)


Duma responded: