David Scott aka The Kiffness. Picture: Instagram
David Scott aka The Kiffness. Picture: Instagram

The Kiffness tries to draw a comparison between Adolf Hitler & Julius Malema

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Nov 16, 2020

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David Scott aka The Kiffness jumped on the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) bandwagon by making a comparison between the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the Nazis.

Taking to his YouTube channel, the “White Privilege” songwriter decided to use audio from a TED-Ed video titled “How did Hitler rise to power?” by Alex Gendler and Anthony Hazard over visuals of Julius Malema and the EFF.

He starts the video by using a DA tweet saying: “The Nazi’s had the brown shirts that went around terrorising minorities. South Africa has the red shirts. #BrackenfellHigh”.

And while he says that people should make up their own minds about the video, he also says “it’s actually quite scary how similar the parallels are... we can learn from history and make sure history it isn’t repeated here in South Africa, peace.”

In the video, Scott tries to draw comparison between the history of South Africa and the birth of the EFF in contrast to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. He uses the disruption caused by the political party in Parliament, the Clicks racism incident and the face off in Senekal as comparisons to Hitler and the Nazis rise to power.

He ends the video with a quote from Martin Luther King Jr, saying: “We must learn to live like brothers or perish together as fools“.

Tweeps criticised Scott’s attempt to compare the EFF’s commander-in-chief to Hitler.

“Trust a white South African to try to ’explore parallels’ between a black man leading a party that wants free education and land reform in their country and a wyt man who lead a mass extinction of millions of people,” said @Titanbaddie.

“not only is his music questionable but his political opinions too,” commented @idkron_.

“Reach. Massive reach,” said @__Thato__.

“Malema wants decolonisation and they're comparing him to a literal fascist. You n*ggas are so sick,” commented @RipeAir.

“White liberals are actually more annoying at times hey,” said @Nonxthefeminist.

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