Thembi Seete recalls how Shona Ferguson helped her act again

Thembi Seete. Picture: Instagram

Thembi Seete. Picture: Instagram

Published Sep 3, 2021


A month after the death of Shona Ferguson, media personality Thembi Seete has detailed how he helped her get back into acting.

Shona died last month of Covid-19 related complications.

Taking to Instagram, Thembi posted a video of the television executive and actor and spoke about the impact the late star had on her life.

She said that when she was at her lowest, Shona helped her get back on her feet with a role in one of Netflix South Africa’s first series, “Kings of Jo'Burg.

“I remember four years ago I was at the point where I thought to myself, I will never act again because of the bad experience I had. I’m not going to get into details, but I lost confidence and I stopped believing in myself.

“I bumped into Mr Sho. And he asked if I’d ever consider acting again, but then my response to him was, if it’s your show, I’ll do it in a heartbeat,” she said.

The conversation quickly landed her on Ferguson Film's productions “The Gift” and “Kings of Jo'Burg”.

This also led to her bagging a role on the Mzansi Magic series “Gomora”.

“I had the best time shooting ’The Gift’ and then ’Kings of Jo'Burg’ came through. ”The show was a hit. The love of storytelling came back to me after Kings. ’Gomora’ came through, shortly after ’Kings of Jo'Burg’,” she said.

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Shona’s wife, Connie Ferguson, also remembered her husband this month.

“Exactly a month today and it still feels surreal. It’s always been said that legends never die!” Connie wrote in an Instagram post.