Thembisa Mdoda. Picture: Instagram

Thembisa Mdoda came to fight after she put a Twitter troll in his place during a heated Twit-war of words when the user decided to share his racist comments online.

While racial slurs are a common occurrence on Twitter streets, Mdoda wasn't about to scroll on by after she saw Twitter user Johnny Roodt's post:

 "King Shaka International Airport...bags have been dribbling out a few at a time for 25 minutes. One of the things I hate most about ending that our Civilisation has to be reduced to theirs". 

The local presenter then jumped into his mentions and responded to his tweet with: "then go get your own damn bag !!!". 

Roodt then replied with: 

Mdoda then clapped back: 

Unfortunately, Roodt couldn't take a hint and kept on spewing venom: 

With Mdoda landing the final blow: