Thick Leeyonce. Picture: Instagram
Thick Leeyonce. Picture: Instagram

Thick Leeyonce details horrific car crash: 'I'm blessed to be alive’

By Entertainment reporter Time of article published Dec 17, 2019

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Plus-size model and social media influencer Thick Leeyonce, real name Lesego Legobane, has given a detailed account of her car accident which happened a few weeks ago.

In a 20-minute video which she posted on her YouTube channel this past weekend, Thick Leeyonce narrates events leading to the chilling accident that almost cost her life.

Sitting comfortably in a couch, the body-positive models starts by telling her fans that she’s home recovery from the tragic accident that occurred while she and her family ( her two younger sisters and her four-year-old nephew) were returning from church.

“As I was about to turn, we were hit by a speeding motorbike. The car spun with us...everything happened so fast. I remember hearing a loud bang! My body was upside down. I could feel blood all over my face. I could feel body everywhere and I kept asking, where is my four-year nephew. They said he was fine, she shared.

She added: “I remember looking at the car and I could not believe what the car looked like. I'm blessed to be sitting here, to still be alive, because the accident was so tragic. I spent two weeks in hospital.

"By God's grace, I don't know how he’s okay ( nephew), I don’t how I’m okay. I feel like we're covered by a higher power.”

Watch the full video below:

Just a few weeks ago, Thick Leeyonce sent shockwaves across social media when she shared images of herself in hospital and debris at the accident scene.

She wrote at the time: "Been in ICU for the past days, this is the most traumatic experience of my life. I cannot thank my God enough for giving me a second chance to live. God protected me and my siblings from a very tragic accident, I am filled with gratitude."

She spent a few days in ICU before she was released in hospital about two weeks later. 

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