ThickLeeyonce. Picture: Instagram
ThickLeeyonce. Picture: Instagram

ThickLeeyonce weighs in on SA only having luxury influencers

By Jamal Grootboom Time of article published Apr 8, 2021

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The ongoing discussion regarding luxury influencers in Mzansi was reignited on Thursday and ThickLeeyonce weighed in.

Twitter user @Nyambose_N reignited the discussion after she said that South Africa mostly has luxury influencers and asked where the more relatable people are.

“Our influencers are luxury and expensive, where is the influence of cute entry level salaries, where are the homes turned cute with affordable furniture, apartment keys with no LV bags, who is the target market for all this luxury if we say we are a poor country? (sic)” she asked.

The post wasn’t received well as various content creators have debunked the myth that there are only luxury influencers in the country.

ThickLeeyonce weighed in and said: “Y’all follow the same 10 people and say this ... there’s literally so many local influencers who don’t do luxury content but y’all don’t show them the same love.“

Beauty influencer Foyin Ogunrombi posted that the simplest answer would just be to not follow them.

She added that she follows a number of non-luxury influencers and said the onus is on the individual to curate their social media experience.

“Curate what you want to see instead of coming online and saying it isn’t there.

“Seek out the content you want instead of following the macro influencers and complaining about what they post. Take ownership of your own social media experience,” the “7days7faces” creator said.

She even compiled a thread of non-luxury influencers in different categories.

Other users also shared their thoughts with many of them sharing the same sentiments.

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