Chane Grobler. Picture: Instagram
Chane Grobler. Picture: Instagram

TikTok star Chane Grobler exposed for transphobic and racist comments

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Jun 24, 2020

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* This article was updated on July 8 with a response from Chane Grobler.

South African TikTok star Chane Grobler has been outed for making transphobic, homophobic and racist comments.

Grobler has more than 2 million followers on TikTok, has been featured on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine SA and had worked with the likes of Starbucks and local designer Gert-Johan Coetzee. 

She is also one of the biggest local users currently on the platform. 

Taking to the popular video-sharing social media app, fellow TikToker Katlego Tlhapuletsa posted a six-part video series where she shares her experience with Grobler along with voice notes. 

Tlhapuletsa started her exposé off by saying she and Grobler were friends among a group of other TikTok content creators in 2018.

She then brings up that she was dating a trans man who she referred to as "Pineapple". They ended up breaking up but stayed friends and Pineapple went on to date Grobler.

Tlhapuletsa reveals that a bunch of South African TikTokers came across voice notes where Grobler denied every dating Pineapple and goes on to be transphobic and use his dead name.

Dead name is when someone refers to a transgender person by the name they used before they transitioned.

Grobler said: "A trans guy... actually not a guy yet, actually he's still a girl". 

Another TikToker Victoria Kayser also posted a voice note video where Grobler complains about not being invited to a Universal Music TikTok event claiming that it's because she's white. 

Grobler goes on to name other white TikTokers who were there as she says this occurred because "they act like all the black people"; with a voice in the background saying "want hulle meng met swart mense" which translates to "because they mix with black people". 

Grobler then says that she's not a racist for making these comments. 

In Tlhapuletsa's video about this event, she mentions that apparently Grobler was invited to the event but because she changed her phone number the invite never made it to her.

Kayser also posted a video where Grobler is being transphobic and referring to a trans man by saying "she tried to be a trans male". 

After reaching out to Grobler's manager for a statement regarding the voice notes, the TikTok star responded on July 7 saying that her "private voice notes have been edited and leaked, but without the context in which they were sent." 

Furthermore, Grobler said that she's "truly sorry" for her actions and that she has taken time off "social media to educate myself and reflect". 

She said that it was her "duty to ensure that my platform respects and promotes all races".

Read more about Grobler's statement here.

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