Toya Delazy. Picture: Supplied
Toya Delazy. Picture: Supplied

Toya Delazy declares war with the mind in new single

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Apr 3, 2020

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South African MC, Toya Delazy has dropped a new single, "Qhawe". 

Meaning ‘be strong warrior’ in isiZulu, the bass-filled floor-filler carries a powerful message to stand your ground in the face of adversity. 

Following the success of Funani which was voted Best Music Video of 2019 by 4:3 Boiler Room, a new platform for underground film, exploring themes of performance, identity, youth culture and anti-establishment, Qhawe is the latest track in a new genre Toya is pioneering dubbed ‘Afro-Rave’.  

As African sounds take over the global stage in exciting fusions with western staples, Toya unleashes rapid, sharp Zulu vocals over fiery British bassline bursts, courtesy of UK producers Raf Riley and Hen - JOY (Anonymous).

Toya said, “I wrote Qhawe last year after devastatingly losing my Grandma. Struggling with the loss of someone so special, I found myself in a dark place and at war with my own mind. Eventually, I realised that no cavalry is coming to save me - I needed to empower myself. Through meditation, researching spiritual healers and reconnecting with my rich heritage, I found my inner warrior - my ‘Qhawe’.

“This track is a rallying call to my fellow humans to be your own warrior, brace yourself and hold your ground, because that’s what changed my course. By rapping in my native tongue - Zulu - I’m practicing what I preach by being myself and not conforming to current musical norms.”  

Taking to Instagram, Toya said that she survived depression because of music.

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@thevoicenewspaper UK🏂 Music is medicinal melody for the soul .. since the age of 9 it's got me through a lot of sticky situations and changed my outlook towards life.. I have survived depression with the help of music, mourned or found power to achieve through music. This made me realise the power it had on my mind and how my thoughts and emotions were able to create a different reality in the midst of hardship - I learnt the importance of mental power as often it is the battle with the mind that determines whether you break through or not - heaven is in the mind QHAWE 💜 read more about it 🙌🏾 #Qhawe #share #empower #live

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