Toya Delazy slams trolls for homophobic comments following the birth of daughter

TOYA DELAZY. Picture: Instagram

TOYA DELAZY. Picture: Instagram

Published May 23, 2022


Toya Delazy recently announced the birth of baby girl with wife, Alisson “Ally” Chaig, on social media. But instead of receiving well-wishes, tweeps filled the comment section with hate speech.

The “Love Is In The Air” hitmaker wrote: “My wife just gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl, both mom & baby are doing well 😍 I have a family ❤️ 😭.”


Delazy, who has been openly gay for decades now, was criticised by tweeps for her queer status.

Her wife and her had been courting for more than a decade before they tied the knot in October 2021.

In an online interview Delazy said that she introduced Ally her to her grandfather, (the most important person in her family), who gave them his blessing.

During their courtship, Delazy lived between SA and the UK. Now the two are together in the UK.

On Twitter @musamthethwaa wrote: “You call yourself Princess of Zulu nation but you have a wife.”

— Mousse (@musamthethwaa) May 20, 2022

“Poor child 👶 , imagine being raised by a mother and the other mother claiming to be a father , it’s a lifetime Trauma,” wrote @maluks_theo.

@Mbikazy commented: “Voetsek maarn..I haven't laughed like this in a while 😂😂😂😂.”


Coming to Delazy’s defence was @elonmaskschild who wrote: “Congratulations Toya ❤️❤️❤️❤️don't mind these nasty comments.”


Delazy hit back at haters as she responded to this tweet saying that she is “too blessed to be stressed”.

“Oh never it all goes back to them, I am not responsible ❤️ and also highlights the deep parental issues men have in South Africa, it's kinda desperate when you looking for your absent father in lesbian relationships. It's sad, but I'm too blessed to be stressed 🤘🏿😅.”