Sandi Schultz as Janina Mentz in the thriller, "Trackers". Picture: Supplied
Sandi Schultz as Janina Mentz in the thriller, "Trackers". Picture: Supplied

'Trackers' actress Sandi Schultz is making face masks for family and friends

By Debashine Thangevelo Time of article published Apr 19, 2020

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Viewers will remember Sandi Schultz for her recent role as Janina Mentz, the Presidential Bureau of Intelligence’s director as well as a former struggle activist,  in "Trackers". 

Of course, her long-running role as Dr Jennifer Adams in the Afrikaans soapie, "Binnelanders", hasn’t faded from the memory of fans.

What’s interesting to note is her small contribution towards helping flatten the curve as Covid-19 retains its menacing vice-like grip around the world.

She says, “The neighbour of a friend is a medical professional and asked for assistance in mask-making for other hospital personnel who needed masks on their taxi-rides to and from work, and it made sense to volunteer my time during the lockdown.”

A group picture of the medical staff who were grateful for the masks Sandi Schultz made for them. Picture: Supplied

“I started off making them for myself and my partner, but then made them by request for friends who saw my social media posts. Lately, I’ve been focussing on the project mentioned above,” she adds. 

While that project has been keeping her focused during the lockdown, I asked her how she is feeling with the extension.

“Being an introvert, as well as a creatrix by nature, finding ways to occupy my time during lockdown hasn’t been an issue,” she admits. “The days pass fairly easily because I always have something to do or make or create. And, of course, as we’re probably all finding, housework is endless with laundry, bed-making, vacuuming, cooking, etc. Rinse and repeat.”

Sandi Schultz keeps safe by wearing one of her own face masks. Picture: Supplied

On the financial setback for her as a freelance actress, she shares, “Ironically, I hadn’t worked in 6 months since my last job, this being the nature of the freelance life. But I was just starting to audition and had a few projects lined up, nothing that I could claim for. It’s a rather scary time for artists, both financially and creatively, right now.”

While free time is a rarity on any given day, she manages to squeeze in a bit of hooping-dancing and spinning poi with her partner. And, thanks to YouTube, her salsa-dancing classes are coming along rather nicely. 

With this “time-out” phase, Schultz has realised a few things about herself. 

“Mine is but a confirmation of how much time I can spend by myself before I need human interaction,” she offers. 

Having the internet as a lifeline to the outside world is something she appreciates a lot. 

Schultz continues, “What first comes to mind, is the connectivity that the internet provides, but pardon me, my privilege slip is showing. I am part of the select group that has a house with a garden and swimming pool to lockdown in with only one other person. I have the resources to stockpile food and necessities (for now), but I am greatly aware that the vast majority of people in our country don’t have the luxury of safe isolation, so I am grateful to have this right now.”

The one solace she can take away from her current struggle - “staying away from the fridge and the snack cupboard (facepalm)” - is that she is not alone.

As for the first thing she plans on doing when the lockdown is lifted, she laughs, “Go for a run around the cricket oval. Well, it’ll have to be a run-walk after all this inactivity (smiles).

Viewers can catch returns of "Trackers" on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) on Friday at 10pm.

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